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Internship: Katheryn Merry Dec. 2012:  A moment of realization…” Are you sure you want my input? I have no idea what Feminism really means.”  This was the recurring and often frustrating response I heard when passing out my 10 question survey to my college roommates and girlfriends. Bright and beautiful young women with a college education, grad school just around the corner, and they were stumped in responding to a survey about the Feminist Movement….

Museum Of Motherhood Internship Packet: Fall 2013  by Jesse Goldblatt, Columbia University ’14 – “Welcome to the first step in volunteering at the Museum of Motherhood! This packet will provide you with a thorough overview of what to expect if you decide to dedicate your time and effort toward creating a final project in partnership with the Museum of Motherhood….”

Final Proposal for Certificate of Parenting by  Mona Khaled, Columbia University – “For the Museum of Motherhood this semester, I decided to continue a project from last semester titled ‘Parenthood/Motherhood 101.’ Through discussions with Joy, the project name transformed into ‘The Certificate of Parenting.’ The idea behind the project sprouts from the fact that trainings and certification processes exist for most professions in American society, yet there is no formal training for parenting, which is arguably the most important job of all….”

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