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Joy Rose, founder of the Museum of Motherhood

Joy Rose, founder of the Museum of Motherhood

Story Of M.O.M.(USA)  in collaboration with the Story Of Mum (England). This project connected mothers through the lens of exploring how motherhood changes our sense of identity and sharing our stories. Christina Douyon, of Dr. Aurelie Athan’s Columbia Teachers College, Mother Matrix class, conducted surveys and collected images, blogs and film from mothers utilizing the Museum Of Motherhood space of the span of one semester, spring 2013.

View PDF of the project: Story of MOM Blogs

View Video of the project: Link




Write Out Loud Wall Statement of Purpose written by Julia Taylor and Images Compiled by Angelica Alonso – Online blogging and chat rooms are popular in our technologically driven culture.  They provide a unique opportunity to create community and feel connected to others who are in similar life situations.  The blackboard space here at the Museum of Motherhood is a more intimate and immediate setting for community building.  It is a dynamic space to express your opinions. Each week a new question or quote was posted. Mothers were invited to respond however they felt moved to do so. The intention of this project was to re-invigorate a space that was in the original plan and vision for the museum – a space for mothers to connect with one another and build community. In a culture where sharing online is the norm, would mothers and caretakers feel comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions in a more intimate setting? Our hope was that mothers would feel connected to one another by sharing their thoughts, opinions, and experiences in a communal and common space.


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