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“Fellow Moms are Ruthless”: A Foucauldian Analysis of Modern Motherhood

“Fellow Moms are Ruthless”: A Foucauldian Analysis of Modern Motherhood

By: Angie Henderson and Harmony Newman

Department of Sociology & Department of Gender Studies
University of Northern Colorado

Presentation: “Fellow Moms are Ruthless:” MOM Conference 2014


Angela Henderson, PhD is an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. Henderson’s interests include Family, Gender, and Sociology of Sport.  She has authored several articles in national and international journals on perceptions of female athletes and issues facing women in sport administration, as well as issues facing women in their roles as mothers.  Her most recent work focuses on mothers’ Foucauldian surveillance of themselves and other moms, as well as the effects of such behavior on well-being.  Dr. Henderson is also the Coordinator of the Teaching Assistant Program in the Sociology Department.  Learn More about her work here.

Harmony Newman, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. She completed her Ph.D. in Sociology from Vanderbilt University (Ph.D. 2010), where she explored her interest in gender, health, social movements, and family. Her areas of expertise include sex and gender, health and illness, and social movements. Her dissertation compared breastfeeding activism in the U.S. and Canada, specifically the persuasive strategies used to get women to breastfeed rather than formula feed. Following graduate school, Harmony spent time with her family while staying engaged with coauthors and working as an adjunct at Tulane University and the University of New Orleans. She is passionate about engaging sociology and helping others develop a sociological imagination. Learn more about her work here.

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